This is what we hope will happen to you at the end of the job interview.


There’s one question (one particularly loaded question, at that) that will be asked in an interview.

No, it’s not about your favorite color, or which team you support, or what your mother’s maiden name is (JOKE!)

It’s *drumroll please*

“Why we should hire you?”


 Such a loaded question.

But it’s asked in pretty much every interview. If you’ve been interviewed for a job where this question hasn’t been asked, consider yourself lucky.

Don’t worry, we’ll help you answer this question with confidence. Not only will you have an answer that will blow the interviewer away, but you’ll be able to explain to them how you’d be an asset to the company.

We’re going to reveal over 10 answers you can potentially give to this question. Maybe 11, maybe 12, but it’s over 10. (Look at our title)

After we give these examples, I will deconstruct what makes this answer great and why.

How to read this blog:

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Without further ado, here’s answer #1!

Explain How You’ve Used Your Skills

Answer #1

“My skills with Adobe Photoshop and Final Cut Pro are one of the reasons why you should hire me. I have 3 years of experience with Final Cut Pro and 2 years of experience with Adobe Photoshop.

I taught myself how to use Final Cut Pro while I was editing my video projects. I would film the sun rising and setting every day for three weeks. I learned how to use Adobe Photoshop in college – it was one of my favorite tools to use.”

This answer goes into detail about the skills you have that are useful for the role. Bringing up situations where you were required to use these skills shows that you’ve been practicing and improving them.

Don’t be afraid to mention any personal project where you’ve been able to get better at a specific skill by putting it to good use. You can demonstrate that the skill is fresh in your mind and it shows off your expertise.

This will help employers see that you have the right skills for the role you’re being interviewed for.

Discuss Your Skills

Answer #2

“I possess all the skills and experience required for this role. For example, I’m a fast learner who can quickly pick up new skills, I can work well individually and in a team, and I’m a self-starter who knows how to manage my time effectively.

All these skills together make me the ideal candidate for the job.”

While this answer is pretty straightforward, it’s important to highlight the skills that you can bring to the role you’re interviewing for.

In the answer, it’s the ‘soft skills’ that are being discussed in detail. Soft skills are skills that are part of your personality, attitude, and motivation. Things like problem-solving, listening, public speaking and critical thinking are considered soft skills.

You can also discuss ‘hard skills’ too. Hard skills are skills that are taught to you. This includes things like languages, copywriting, computer programming, or degrees.

As long as you discuss the skills that you have that are relevant to the job, you’ll do fine.

Now here’s the next answer you could use! (if you’re confident enough to try it, of course!)

Pay A Few Compliments

Answer #3


“I’m so thrilled to be invited to an interview at this company. Your company will be the right place for me to cultivate my skills and expertise as I embark on this career path. I will put in my best work to make this company grow even bigger and more successful.”

This answer sounds like you’re kissing up to the interviewer. But here’s why this could work (if you’re confident enough to pull it off!):

The truth is, everyone wants to be complimented. Even interviewers.

Whether it’s being thankful for getting the opportunity to be interviewed at their company, complementing the interviewer’s shirt because it’s your favorite color, or saying what you like about the company,

There’s nothing wrong with giving a few compliments.

While it’s nice to give compliments to interviewers, try not to overdo it. There’s a difference between a compliment and desperation.

And desperation is a trait that will harm your chances of landing that dream job.

  • Flattery will get you everywhere. Let’s hope it will get you the job too.

Remember To Talk About Your Qualifications

Answer #4

“As a recent college graduate, I’m aware that I may not have a lot of experience. But what I lack in experience, I make up for with my qualifications.

Being able to juggle several roles in different organizations at college and a full-time university course has taught me how important it is to manage your time effectively. This trait is important to be successful at your company.”

Addressing your lack of experience right away helps you acknowledge it and you can use that to highlight your qualifications, whether from your degree or otherwise.

Again, talking about the soft skills you’ve learned will help you explain how you’re the best candidate for the job, despite your lack of experience. This may work in your favor while being interviewed.

Direct The Question Back At The Interviewer

Answer #5

“That’s a good question! I’m still learning about your company and I know what you’re looking for. You’re looking for someone who’s a fast learner and knows how to work well both independently and in a team?”

(If the interviewer says “Yes”; continue by saying “Let me tell you about a time when I had to learn a skill quickly in order to improve at my job.”

With this answer, you begin by thanking the interviewer for asking you that question. You pose the question back to the interviewer, who will explain what they’re looking for in a job applicant.

If they’ve confirmed what they’re looking for in a job applicant, you go on to explain how you’ve handled a situation successfully. The more examples you provide, the better you’ll sound to the interviewer.

Talk About Your Passion For The Role

Answer #6

“I’m aware that you have a big decision to make, and it’s not a decision that should be taken lightly. I hope I’ve explained my passion for digital marketing, as well as my understanding of paid search campaigns and SEO.

I would love nothing more than to be part of your team and help this department grow.”

Show that you empathize with the interviewer’s decision to choose a new hire (just hope that it will be you!) and remind them of your passion for the industry, company, or the role that you’re applying for.

You can also use this as an opportunity to ask if you can explain any qualifications in detail. This answer works if you’ve already discussed the job and your skills.

Bring Up Your Results

Answer #7


“I’m glad you asked. I have over 7 years of leadership experience with agencies, I will be able to use my strategic marketing skills and my creativity to work with your clients.

I may not have much experience in a corporate environment, but I’ve delivered results that my clients are happy with.”

This is a great answer to use if you’re changing industries. You can emphasize your leadership and strategic marketing skills. (or other skills that you think are relevant to whichever job you’re applying to)

Bringing up the number of years you’ve worked in a role demonstrates longevity, loyalty, and proves that you can adapt to change.

Be Confident

Answer #8

“I have all the skills and experience that the job description requires, and I believe that I can make a positive contribution to your company.

My passion for the industry and my experience closing deals with clients motivates me. If I’m chosen for this role, I’ll produce work that will help your company become more successful.”

This answer is a bit generic, but it also has a confident tone.

  •  If you’re in a job interview, confidence is important. You need to believe that you’re the right person for the position.

If you’ve already discussed your skills and experience in detail earlier in the interview, this answer is perfect for referring back to your skills and experience.

Without repeating yourself. So a generic answer isn’t so bad sometimes.

Be Candid

Answer #9

“I don’t know how experienced other candidates are, but I can speak about the qualifications that make me suited for the position. During my five years in the same position at my previous job, I successfully ran a team of 8 in the marketing department.

I was in charge of approving budgets and coming up with creative campaigns. As a result, one of my campaigns got a 17% increase in awareness among our target group. It’s time to bring my expertise to your company.”

Gain credibility with the interviewer by saying that you can’t respond to your competitor’s experience. It makes you look transparent and you’re able to demonstrate your own experience that makes you suitable for the position.

Demonstrate your passion for the job with this answer by giving examples of how you’ve gotten results in the past. This answer mentions a 17% increase in awareness amongst a particular target group.

  • You don’t have to bring up numbers, but it helps. Numbers don’t lie, after all.

Mention Tangible Results

Answer #10

“The job description states that you need to have problem-solving skills to apply. At my last job as a cashier, I was able to improve my problem-solving skills.

The cash register stopped working, and I had a long list of customers who needed to be served. I informed the manager and I was moved to an empty cashier. I motioned for the customers in line to move to the new cashier, and I continued with my job.”

Just like with the other answers on this list, mention a time where the skill you’re talking about was used to bring a positive result, for your customer or the company as a whole.

When you discuss examples, you’re demonstrating that you do have the right skills for the job. Not only that, but you have tangible examples that will help you stand out to the interviewer.

Highlight The Praise & Feedback You Received

Answer #11

“My job as a tour guide has allowed me to interact with various customers from different countries. I give them a tour of the city’s landmarks and I strive to make my tours engaging, educational, and fun.

As a result, I have several 5-star ratings on TripAdvisor from tourists who were very satisfied with my tours.

It’s important to have a good knowledge of the location you’re touring and impressive customer service skills for interacting with tourists. That’s why I’m the ideal candidate for this position.”

With this answer, you’re not only discussing your experience at previous jobs, but you’re also talking about the praise, reviews, or recommendations you’ve received.

When you bring up reviews or recommendations, it shows that you’re really good at your job.

When you use reviews as an example of the results you’ve gained, the interviewer will be impressed.

And they’ll want you to get the same results for them.

  • Strive to impress.

Show That You’re Dedicated

Bonus Answer!

Yes, we know that “10+ Answers” is in our title. So we’re living up to our title and we’re giving you 11 answers you could use to answer the most common job interview question “Why should we hire you?”

As a treat for making it through our list of 11 answers, We’re throwing in a bonus answer for you.

You’re welcome.

So here goes nothing:

“I have gained the skills and experience that I can use at your company. There are some skills that I’ve worked on, such as problem-solving and critical thinking, because I think these roles are important for any role, not just this one.

I always give 100% to any task I have, but I also recognize my limits and my abilities. This has brought positive results for both me and the companies I’ve worked at in the past. I want to bring my skills, experience, and motivation to this company so I can help you succeed.”

With this answer, you’re telling the interviewer that you’re dedicated to any task that you’re given, but you also recognize your limits.

This is important because while it’s important to emphasize what you can bring to a job, it’s also important to mention that you have limits too.

  • We’re not robots or machines, so there’s no shame in recognizing where you need to stop.

It’s similar to you being asked your strengths and weaknesses in a job interview. (another infamous question that frequently pops up in job interviews!)

The End


Well, there you have it! These answers will help you when faced with the “why should we hire you?” question.

It’s not an easy question to answer. But with this guide, we hope you feel a little bit more prepared when it comes up.

As long as you feel confident, accomplished, and sound like you’re the right person for the job, you won’t have a problem with this question (or other questions during the job interview).

Don’t forget to practice any of these answers, then pick the right answer for you. Feel free to tweak it. We won’t say anything.

It goes without saying (even though we’re saying it) that preparation is key. Research the company, go over the job description, circle the keywords, and frame your answers around the keywords.

This will help you win over interviewers and your chances of getting the job will go through the roof!

Now go ace that interview!