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Resumes are the determining factor in getting an interview or call. Have you ever felt confident about the resume you sent in but still got rejected? Unfortunately, it happens to the best of us, which is why we want to provide the best resume formats for 2021!

5 Best Resume Formats for 2021

Here are the top 5 resume formats for 2021. The top 3 are professional format resumes structuring your experiences, while the last two are formats for varying settings.

Chronological Resume


The chronological resume is a traditional format with a list of your work experiences. It is set up in reverse-chronological order with the most recent position at the top

When to use a chronological resume 

A chronological resume is best for those who have been consistently working or advancing their education. People use this format if they have been consistent in one field and are applying for a job in that field. 

If there are gaps in your employment history, the chronological format might not suit you. 

Resume format 

  • Contact information
  • Summary statement
  • Professional Experience
  • Education
  • Skills & certifications

Functional Resume

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A functional resume focuses on skills that are relevant to the job position you are applying. While the chronological resume highlights the work experience, the functional resume displays the applicant’s skills and experience.

When to use a functional resume

This format is perfect for people who have had little to no professional experience. This resume format can be for first-time workers, people who haven’t worked in 4+ years, or those looking to change a career path. 

Many first-time workers such as high school or college students can benefit from this format because jobs will expect a resume. In addition, you can put experiences with an internship, summer camps, extracurricular activities, etc. All those experiences provide skills that can help you land a job.

Resume Format

  • Contact information 
  • Summary statement
  • Relevant skills by theme
  • Professional experience, content-heavy if any
  • Education

Combination Resume

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The combination resume is also known as the hybrid format. It is a blend of both the functional and chronological resume types. You can display your work experience and relevant skills. The hybrid resume can be a bit content-heavy, so you might want to consider removing optional sections. 

Depending on the length of your work and skills, you can remove the summary if needed. To add more content, you can out awards, certifications, volunteer work, etc. Again, it varies depending on the applicant, but your skills, work, and education are the main components.

When to use a combination resume

This resume is perfect for people who may have experience with skills but haven’t obtained a professional position. For example, say you were a tutor for younger kids while you were in high school. A lot of times, that program is a volunteer experience through the school. 

If you are looking to become a paid tutor, you can display your skills and experience even if you haven’t had the experience in a professional setting. 

Resume format

  • Contact information 
  • Summary statement (optional)
  • Skills
  • Work experience 
  • Education

Targeted Resume

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The targeted resume can be any format of the ones above, but it focuses on the specific position you are applying. Typically it has all the same content, but certain words are changed to fit the description. 

For example, if a position lists that they are looking for highly motivated people, you can change the word “determined” that is already in your resume to “highly motivated.” Make changes like these for each position can increase your chances of getting an interview, rather than sticking to one format and mass applying to positions. 

When to use a targeted resume? 

This resume style is recommended for highly competitive roles or those who are having trouble getting an interview. Often, computers reject resumes if they don’t have specific words or phrases, so it is essential to look at the job description.

Resume format

It can be hybrid, functional, or chronological, and adjustments can be made to the following. 

  • Soft skills (motivation, hard-working, organised, etc.)
  • Previous job experiences can have similar words to the job you are applying for if it is in the same field. 

Mini Resume 

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A mini resume should not be used in a hiring setting. It just helps to keep on hand. A mini resume can be used when you are at a job fair or a networking event. The resume can contain your education and work experience along with your contact information. You’re more than welcome to add more, but it is supposed to be just a snapshot of your work. 

This is better than handing a full resume at informal meetings. Handing a full resume might imply that you were viewing an informal meeting as a hiring opportunity. Essentially it can seem rude to expect to be hired in a non-business setting, so the mini resume can help seem more respectful. It shows that you are serious and prepared, but it is only recommended to hand it out if you feel that the other person is interested in working with you. 


Those were our top 5 resume formats for 2021! Take the time to see which format is best for you, and you may even realise you need a targeted format depending on the role. Good luck finding a career, and we hope you feel proud of your resume!