Are you interested in a remote internship in some popular areas of Europe, such as the United Kingdom? Then you’ve come to the right place! We are going to help you find an internship and the challenges you might face.

Virtual Internship: Why the UK?

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Europe itself opens your opportunities, but by narrowing down your search to the UK, you still get opportunities that will be just as impressive. The UK offers diverse companies anywhere from technology to fashion. 

There are more opportunities, and if you are not from the UK, a remote internship with a UK company looks quite impressive. 

If you are in the UK, a remote internship is still mpressive and an excellent place for in-person opportunities.

How to find a Remote Internship in the UK

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If you are in the UK, it will be easier for you to search for “remote internships” due to your location. You will have top searches from UK companies. 

If you are not in the UK, you might have to try individual job platforms such as Linkedin, Indeed, Google Search. Start searching for “remote internship UK.” If there are filters, you will be able to input “remote” as the job title and the UK as the location and sort for internships. 

If you are looking for a specific internship in an Industry, I recommend searching for UK companies in that industry. For example, “top fashion companies in the UK” you can even put “virtual fashion companies in the UK.” 

The more research, the more opportunities you will find. From there, the search gets even more challenging because some internships are open to undergraduates, graduates, and even high school students.  

Some companies might prefer to, work in the industry or have some experience before being an intern. 

If you are having trouble sticking to virtual companies in the UK, then you can try Europe. If you are looking for a remote opportunity, the odds are that more positions are open when you expand your research. 

Companies that want remote interns

Here are a few companies that offer remote internships as of 2021. These may change in the future, and who knows, there might be more opportunities in the future. 

The Absolute Remote internship: SAI Programs

Source: Absolute Internship

SAI Programs is a Rome-based company that offers virtual internships in multiple fields. 

  • Online Marketing 
  • Health Care
  • Digital Promotion
  • Education
  • Communications 

This internship is designed for college students and younger professionals. You can apply here at Go abroad. 

The Global Internship by We Find Group

Source: the global internship

The global internship offers online internships where you work with companies mainly in Europe and across the globe. You will get experience from companies in Madrid, London, Lisbon, and Paris. 

It is an unpaid internship for students in all majors and industries. Find out more on Go Abroad

CEA Study Abroad 

Source: CEA study abroad

This virtual internship in Florence, Italy, focuses more on design and marketing. As we know, Florence is well known for design companies and traditional artisan workshops. The virtual internship with CEA will allow interns to learn marketing, public relations, design, and more. 

Go abroad gives more information about the internship. 

Pearl Lemon

Source: Peal Lemon

Pearl Lemon is an international award-winning SEO agency. There are multiple fields available and positions can include.

  • Sales 
  • Content writing
  • PR
  • SEO 

The process involves applying to get an interview. Once you pass the interview, you go through a trial week and trial month. You can find out more on the Pearl Lemon Placements websites.


Source: Salesforce

Salesforce helps companies connect with their customers by specialising in mobile and cloud technologies. Internships get hands-on experience with CRM and enterprise cloud computing.

How to make an impression on your remote interview? 

Overall remote internships open up the application poll. Due to that many people being able to apply, it is hard to get a spot. The critical thing is landing an interview. Your resume is the factor that will determine if you are getting an interview. 

Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help you with your resume if needed. When it comes to the interview, it comes down to your tone. The interview might be held over the phone or facetime. So it is essential to be engaged with every question. 

The interviewer won’t know if you’re smiling or nodding that are usually signs of engagement. Over the phone, you have to express your emotions through words and tone. 

Remote Internship UK Environment

If you haven’t had a remote experience, that is okay because each one will be different. Companies have different ways they like to run their programme. For example, some remote internships want you to work from 9 am-5 pm tracking your time. 

Meanwhile, others prefer that you meet a certain amount of hours per week rather than looking at the daily hours. 

Either way, this is a perfect question you can ask during an interview. – “How will working hours be tracked & is there a daily limit?”

Overall, a remote environment is not for everyone, so be very aware of your environment. 


That concludes this guide about remote internships in the UK & Europe. Overall the opportunities look great on your resume, and it is essential to do a lot of research. From there, you want to present yourself as engaged and communicative.