The resume is a ticket to getting an interview, so you want to make sure it is perfect!   It’s all to easy to think writing a resume is easy because it is just a one-page paper. 

In reality, this paper is representing you.

You have to consider formate, structure, and wording. We recommend looking at different resume types to be aware of how a resume can be written. 

Let’s jump into the rest of our tips to help you create a job-winning resume.

6 Resume Writing Tips

Source: Learning English Fun Way

Today we have six tips for writing a job-winning resume. Have patience with the process because it takes time.

1. Look at resume examples from your industry

If you are having trouble starting your resume,  finding an example is a great place to start. Different industries will have different areas to focus on. 

Try to identify relevant sections from resumes in your industry. 

For example, academic resumes help get an internship or any experience that can earn you credit. This type of resume may include volunteer experience, extracurriculars, etc. Academic resumes are not recommended for a job application. 

That is why you need to identify what needs to be included on your resume.

2. Adjust the font and margins


Have you ever looked at a resume and just didn’t feel like reading it? The truth is resume is more than the content; it is about looking professional. 

Think about going to the interview and doing a great job answering the questions, but you show up in sweatpants. You are not going to be taken seriously, and the first impressions count. The same goes for your resume.

Maintain professionalism throughout, such as keeping consistent font and margins.

3. Use active language


As for your content, you want to make sure you include active language. For example, “accomplished, earned, progressed.” 

Use power words to make your experiences sound more engaging. Yes, we all know that you worked hard but so did everyone else.  

What you say is going to make you unique. Describe exactly what you worked on and give details about your journey.

4. Emphasize important information

Source: Selling Energy Blog

You can use active language to emphasize important information.  Everything on your resume should be relevant to the job with the most critical information first. 

Use active language to display important information. 

You might be facing the struggle of narrowing down your responsibilities from previous experiences. Try summarising a responsibility in one sentence, then choose your power words to add emphasis. 

5. Add keywords

Source: Search Engine Journal

The most upsetting thing about applying for a job is that you never hear back from some companies. Competitive companies will never even look at your resume when they reject your application. 

The secret is that companies now use computers to reject any resumes that don’t contain the words they are looking for. So most of the time, resumes aren’t even viewed by a human when they reject applicants. 

It is upsetting to hear, but this makes it a lot easier for hiring managers who get many resumes. 

To avoid this, you need to insert keywords from the job description. The majority of the time, companies have a section that lists what they are looking for. 

Keywords can include specific roles, skills, software, etc. If you have experience with  Amazon Associates and the job description includes that, the word “Amazon Associates” needs to be a part of your resume. 

You also need to keep in mind the keywords for your interview. If they are looking for a determined and outgoing person, then list those words and display them. 

Of course, only use words that apply to you. Do not lie on your resume to sound like someone you are not.

6. Proofread and Edit

Source: Grammarly

Lastly, it is essential to proofread your resume. Check for grammar, font, formatting, etc. Then have someone else proofread. If you are in school, you can have your academic counselor help you out. 

It can be frustrating to edit this one piece of paper constantly, but it is worth it!

Final Thoughts

A winning resume takes time, and you want to make an excellent first impression. The process can be frustrating and \so long. Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help you create an award-wining resume that is worth sending.