When your goal is to work in a retail environment, one thing is certain: no matter how talented you are in other areas, you will need experience in the field. How can you gain such experience? By writing a CV for retail.

This is your chance to make an immediate impact and stand out from the crowd. A standout CV for retail will help you get noticed, but how can you make sure you are a complete winner?

Whether you’re searching for an entry-level position in retail or trying to advance your current career to the next level, you’ll need an excellent resume to apply for a job. This article will teach you how to write a CV for retail. 

Style and Layout

The foundation of a good retail CV is the content. Your resume needs to be filled with things you can prove about yourself. 

There’s no need to be boring, though. Showcase your skills and achievements in an interesting and engaging way. 

Email your resume and portfolio to companies in industries that interest you. If someone from the company wants to talk, they’ll reach out to you. 

A short retail CV style is all about presenting yourself in the best possible way so that the hiring manager doesn’t have to do too much work. Spend the time on doing it right, because once you’re not to be diligent, it will end up costing you opportunities.

Personal Statement


A CV personal statement is a unique, short statement about you, which gives an insight into what makes you qualified to apply for the vacancy. 

It contains your name, age, education, experience, and why you feel that you are the right person for the job. You should include your strongest and most interesting personal qualities, skills, and experiences. It explains why you want to work for a company.

It’s important to include an introduction with a personable anecdote that captures the attention of your audience. People like feeling as though they know you, so tell a story that highlights something about your personality.

A personal statement should be about you. You should tell the recruiter what your skills are, and how you’re going to use them in the workplace. It should never be about how badly you want the job.


To stand out from other job applicants, you must show initiative, confidence, and work ethic. 

You should be able to demonstrate that you are eager to work and able to succeed as an employee in retail. Hiring managers will relate more to candidates who can demonstrate initiative and work ethic.

It’s important to emphasize your achievements and to show that you are a team player. Your experience, hard skills, and soft skills are important but they are nothing without a strong team spirit. 

Having a great volunteering experience might help you in showing your personality and interests, and it might give you contacts that recommend you for your dream job.

There are certain skills that are essential in a retail setting. For example, customer service makes the difference between whether or not a customer will return to the store—and whether they’ll tell others about their experience.


Employment History

Retail experience is an important thing to include in your CV. Retail experience can help you stand out from the crowd and recruiters value experience from working roles, especially if the job you apply for requires experience with customers.

Your retail CVs need to be a short sales pitch within the first few sentences. Your audience is your future employees and all potential employers will be reading every detail of your career. 

To make sure you get noticed, tell the truth and give a 1-2 sentence summary of yours and your experiences.

In Conclusion


Now that you’ve detailed your retail experience, it’s time to wrap it all up. If you’re looking for work in the retail sector, highlight your industry knowledge by sharing why you want to work in retail.

It’s really important to research your audience before starting on your retail CV. The tone you should use depends on the role and company, as well as your own style.

Also, it’s important to highlight exactly what you have accomplished since university in your retail career so that people can see that you are qualified for the role. Good grades or skills are also an impressive factor that employers are looking for in applicants.

Now go get that retail job!