1. So Welcome, all you Resume Cats
  2. Why cats?
  3. What We Offer
  4. Its Completely Free
  5. So What’s In The Premium Package?
  6. Why choose Resume Cats?
  7. The Cats Out Of The Bag

It’s endless scrolling and searching. Crafting cover letter after cover letter. Receiving rejection after rejection. 

Its a cat eat cat world out there. 

You sit and ask yourself- What am I doing wrong? How did I not get an email back? How did I not even get an interview?

Surely, you think, I have the qualifications, experience and skill to be a desirable candidate?

You do. We know you do.

But do you have the resume which reflects the same?

resume illustration

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Because the first thing your employer sees isn’t you. They see a document condensing all your qualifications, experience and skill into a single page.

One single page.

To them, you’re just a number stacked up against thousands on a screen. Applicant 1,345.  

Therefore, a bad resume is Cat-astrophic to your career prospects

Especially since it’s estimated that only 2% of resumes make it past the first round of employment. 

Call us Resume Cat-niss, because we want the odds to be ever in your favour.

With our simple, unique and modern resume builder, You won’t be feline down about the job hunt any longer. Choose from a stylish range of expertly made templates guaranteed to help you snag that dream job. 

1. So Welcome To Resume Cats

This is the Resume Cats blog, where we go the extra mile to make sure you are ready and rearing to go in your job search. 

With regular postings and frequent updates, we aim to keep you constantly informed about the needs of the ever-changing job market.

Here, we will offer critical advice on everything and anything when it comes to resume creation, the process of applying to a job and what employers are looking for. 

Here are some topics you can expect but not limited to: 

  • Resume yes and no’s
  • Design advice: layout, font and colour.
  • What job search engine should you apply through?
  • Writing Objective statements
  • Tailoring your resume to specific positions and industries
  • Tips for dealing with for the Covid-19 employment landscape

And much more!

So, swing on by for a meow-ment, and take a look at what we have to offer. 

If you have any queries or concerns, about us or our service, don’t hesitate to contact us. 

One question you might have is….

2. Why cats?

cool cat wearing sun glasses lying in a basket

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Because you’re a cool cat. 

Inquisitive. Independent. Intelligent. 

Ready to pounce on that employment ladder. It’s not about liking jazz- it’s about being relaxed and ready for anything.

Also, cats are the most relatable animals ever. I mean, look at this hard-working businessman.

cat using computer

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock Images

What’s he doing? Probably building his resume on Resume Cats. For a role as nap specialist in the everywhere but his bed department.

If he can do it, you can. He doesn’t even have opposable thumbs!

Maybe that’s why we chose cats. We want to give you a CV that’s indestructible- ready for any application, customisable at the drop of a hat. That’s why we chose the animal with nine lives.

Or maybe it’s because when you use our resume builder, it’s so quick you could mistake it for magic. Maybe that’s why the cat- a symbol of the supernatural- is so near and dear to our hearts.

Or maybe it’s just because everyone loves cats. 

cat looking out of the box

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They’re basically the unofficial mascot of the internet. They’re cute. They’re fluffy. They’re memeable. 

But nobody loves creating a resume.

 So we thought we’d make it a bit more bearable for you with plenty of puns and pictures of cute kittens, like this one:

cute kitten hugging toy

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Aww. Adorable, right? Made you smile. Bet you wouldn’t have done that while looking at a spreadsheet.

3. What We Offer 

Resume Cats is a fully customisable service where you can create a modern, unique and simple resume in less than 15 minutes. 

Here we offer a fully customisable service that is tailored to the digital employment era.

What does that mean? Its means four things:

AI Powered Expert Resume Creation

people analytics illustration

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The vast majority of resume’s sent in are never even seen by the hiring manager. 


They go through a screening process beforehand by an AI system, which decides if your resume meets the criteria, in content AND design. 

Our expert templates, crafted by highly experienced and talented designers, make use of specific design elements attractive both to SaaS bots, and the hiring managers.

Super-Fast Resume Creation 

rocket illustration for launching

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In today’s super-fast world, there’s no time to dawdle. By the time you’ve even read the ad for a job, five other people have applied. 

And with the availability of job listings online, and the greater frequency of remote positions due to Covid-19, everybody’s applying. 

With Resume Cats, you could have that resume ready to send- within fifteen minutes.  

That’s less time than the wait for pizza delivery.

And unlike a delicious, cheesy hot Margherita, your expert resume isn’t destined to disappear in twenty seconds flat. 

247 Resume Customisation

online 24 by 7 illustration with watch

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Your resume is saved on your account, as a fully downloadable PDF for free, which is ready for customisation 24/7.

Any time, any day, any week- you can enter your account and edit to your heart’s content. No limits, no restrictions, no job you can’t apply for. 

Redesigning, tweaking and rewriting your resume to suit any industry and target any position becomes an absolute breeze. 

Ensuring every one you send out, stands out. 

Modern And Stylish Designs 

HR reviewing resume  illustration

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The content of your resume may be incredibly well written, painting an accurate picture of your skills while supplying significant experience and qualifications. 

But that all that can be dragged down by a lacklustre looking design.

At Pearl Lemon Recruitment we don’t do lacklustre. We don’t do drab. We don’t do dull.

Our templates are sleek and modern, injected with a vibrancy, professionalism and style which will guarantee you stand out and make a great first impression

So, with all that, I bet your thinking….how much is this?

3 money bag cartoon graphics

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How expensive will it be to build my resume? 

I bet I’ll have to sign up and pay for a free trial that I’ll forget to cancel.


In actuality….

4. Its Completely Free 

That’s right, COMPLETELY FREE. 

Man with astonished expression with mouth open.

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That was my reaction too. 

You can access our templates, build your resume, and download it all as a PDF for the grand price of absolutely zero. 

No fussing with free trials, no stress, no hassle, no headaches.

But…..if you want to take your resume a step further, we do offer a premium package that gives you access to advanced resume building tools. 

5. So What’s In The Premium Package?

Not only do you get the free benefits described when you build your resume with Resume Cats, but you also get significant upgrades in every department.

If you want your resume to be stylish, streamlined and customisable at a premium level, say hello to the premium package. 

Full Of Premium Templates, you get:

  • Access to a greater variety of templates to suit your resume.
  • Customisable icons and special layouts to highlights contacts, skills and social media 
  • An even more streamlined, stylised and polished set of designs

You can have access to all these features, for only $6 a month

Or you can save two months worth of subscription by paying $60 for the entire year

Wow. A premium resume for a premium price? Count me in.

6. Why choose Resume Cats?

cat paw on book with specs

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  • Completely Free Service

While upgrades exist, the core of our services, including our platform, templates, advice and downloads are 100% free, unlike many other resume building sites.

  • Suited to the modern world

Many other online resume builders operate on designs and assumptions from yesterday, not today. 

We are a resume builder with the modern world in mind, that has crafted our services to meet the demands of today’s digitised employment landscape. 

In centralising AI in our template design, we have created sleek, modern templates that not only are adapted to bots but also today’s employer. 

  • Expert advice AND cute cat pics

While other resume creation sites can say they give advice or guidance on their blog, can they say they give expert advice whilst posting a regular stream of cute cat content? 

Yeah, I didn’t think so. 

7. The Cats Out Of The Bag

Now you know who we are and what we do, feel free to look around and check out our other posts. 

We’re updating and expanding regularly, and we will strive as much as possible to keep you all informed. 

For any inquiries feel free to email us:

and remember to go make your resume! 

It’ll take you less than fifteen minutes!