Janet Scarborough Civitelli

Dr. Janet Scarborough Civitelli is a psychologist and career coach specializing in helping clients to choose, change, or advance their careers.

When you feel overwhelmed or unfocused, or have lost your focus temporarily, what do you do?

I am one of those people who loves the dopamine hit of checking something off my “To Do List” so if I feel overwhelmed, I break projects into smaller tasks and then enjoy accomplishing the more manageable ones first to build momentum. If I feel unfocused, it is usually because I haven’t had enough sleep and after I catch up, my focus returns.

What Are Bad Recommendations You Hear In Your Profession Or Area Of Expertise?

I don’t like a lot of the networking advice I see. Asking strangers to meet you for coffee to “pick their brain” is obnoxious. Most successful people are so busy, they barely have time for their families and friends, so it is too big an ask to request something that takes two to three hours including travel. I think it is more respectful to ask for a telephone conversation or a brief email exchange.

In The Last Five Years, What New Belief, Behavior, Or Habit Has Most Improved Your Life?

I faced a medical challenge and learned about clinical hypnosis. Before that, I didn’t know how effective clinical hypnosis can be for helping people with anxiety and health-related conditions. It has been absolutely life-changing for me. I pursued training through the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and now I offer it to clients, too. I wish my younger self could have had this form of help but better late than never.

What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

When my children were young, I hired a parent coach. She was fantastic. I would mention her name but she retired. I had a four-year-old and a two-year-old and a demanding career and I was exhausted. Her wise counsel was invaluable.

Work less, travel more.

Janet Scarborough Civitelli

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

I fully intend to write novels someday.

Where do you see your industry in the next 5 years?

Booming, I predict, because so many people need assistance recovering from the pandemic.

Tell us about someone you admire and why you admire them?

Katalin Karikó. Her resilience inspires me. Her work is the basis of the Covid-19 vaccine.

What Careers Advice Would You Give To Your 21-Year Old Self?

Work less, travel more.

What is currently wrong with the recruitment process today?

Because of legal concerns, candidates usually can’t get any feedback about how they could improve their competitiveness., so they waste so much time and energy pursuing jobs that they have zero chance of landing. I hate to see that and my desire to give people kind but candid feedback is why I left recruiting to offer career coaching.

What is the most common mistake you see people make when applying for a job?

The biggest mistake is to launch a job search without first choosing a focus. Job seekers think that casting a wide net will help them land a job faster but this actually works against them. Employers hire for specific roles so a focus helps them to see where you would best contribute. After you are hired, then you can demonstrate diverse skills and be rewarded for them.

How has Covid-19 changed your industry?

I have two lines of business: therapy and coaching. Both of them have been exclusively conducted by secure video, telephone, email, and messaging apps since 2011. Many of my therapist colleagues have historically been very skeptical about telepsychology but the pandemic forced everyone to try it and there are a lot more fans of it now than there were before COVID-19. Many clients love that it is both effective and convenient.

What's your favourite colour?

Emerald Green

What are you Not Very Good at?

Through both formal aptitude testing and life experience, I know that I am in the bottom 5% of the population for spatial skills. I can’t read a map. I get lost. GPS apps were the greatest invention ever for people like me.

What's your star sign?


What did you have for breakfast this morning?

I practice intermittent fasting so black coffee only.