Cover letters are becoming optional when they can make a big difference. We recommend you always write a cover letter. 

It takes more time, but the employer notices that you took the time to write for the role. We are going to provide the top cover letter examples in 2021 and what they show. 

First, let’s start with some tips.

Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

Source:  CNN

Tip #1: Identify your Goal 

First, you want to start by identifying what you want your cover letter to say. Do you want it to say that you are funny? Hard Working? 

Here are some example goals. My covers letter should say…

  • Why I am a good candidate
  • What makes me different
  • My personality and work ethics 

You can focus on one goal or all. Remember, everything needs to fit on one page. Essentially you want to create a unique cover letter and a goal.

Tip #2: Match an approach 

Once you found a goal, you need to find your approach. This is where our examples come in – you can find an example that you feel comfortable with. 

You can combine different approaches but not too many. Too much going on can be overwhelming and messy. 

Tip #3: Have someone else read

Then you can start to write. Your cover letter will not be perfect on the first try, so don’t make it perfect. 

After some round of edits – pass it over to a friend or mentor for some advice. You can ask, “ do you think my cover letter shows what makes me different?”

Cover Letter Examples by Type

1. Humorous

Source: resume genius

When we think of a job, we envision office jobs. There are so many jobs out there that rely on personality. By adding humour you can create a memorable application. Humour is not only a memorable trait, but it also shows some confidence. 

Not everyone is willing to be humorous for a job application, so it does take guts. Former ESPN anchor Kenny Mayne does a great job of using humour.

2. Fact Check

Of course, a go-to cover letter is to add all the numbers and facts you can. Your resume has a list of experiences and describes the responsibilities, but your cover letter gives a chance to share your impact. 

This cover letter shows results based on the applicant’s work. This is a common example but it often becomes a repeat of the resume. 

Use the experiences of your resume and expand into clear and short paragraphs. 

3. Professional and Personality

This example is a bit like the humour example.

Try to balance professionalism and personality. If you share that you are enthusiastic, then you have to portray that in your writing. This approach is perfect for anyone working with people or social media.  

We wouldn’t recommend this for upper management roles – mainly roles where you interact with people. 

For example: teachers, PR, sales, Social Media, shelters, etc.

4. Short & Sweet

If you are more of a direct person, then the short and sweet example is the approach for you. You get right to the point and waste no time. 

This example is similar to the fact check but not as content-heavy. You also want to make sure you don’t restate your resume.

 Use the cover letter to answer, “Why are you a good candidate? What makes you different?”

5. Poetic

Source: resumegenius

Of course, in grade school, there was always that one student who had advance writing skills. Everything they said sounded like a poem or the start of a novel.

If you are an excellent writer, use that in your cover letter to grab the reader’s attention. You want to make sure that your letter is remembered.

Cover Letter Examples by Role 

6. Entry Level

This example is perfect for those who may have just graduated and are on the hunt for their first job. You want to list experiences that have prepared you for this role. Also, discuss your education and how you came across the company.

7. Management

A middle management role will have more experience and more professionalism. List concrete skills that you have learned in previous roles and skills that fit the description of current roles. 

8. Career Change

Source: Novoresume

Provide background experiences such as roles and interests. Then discuss why you want a career change. 

Also, find a bridge between your past experiences and how they prepared you for this new role. 

8. Executive

Source: Novo Resume

This example is all about numbers. What have you brought to companies such as sales, profits, results, etc? Add your education and years of experience. 

Your goal is to prove what can you bring to the table.

Final Thoughts

Overall it can take time to write a cover letter, but it also makes a difference in the results of your application. These cover letters are examples of common formats or styles. Feel free to continue your search to find cover letter designs for your header. Never be afraid to ask for help or look at more examples.