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At Pearl Lemon Recruitment, we specialize in custom-built CVs that will help your job search land on all fours! 

In today’s digital age, navigating the ever-changing job market can feel overwhelming. You can have all the right credentials, a wealth of experience under your belt, and still – that ideal job continues to elude you. 

It’s easy to get fur-strated. However, life is too short (especially if you haven’t got nine of them) to give up on achieving your dreams!

If you’re tired of applying for an endless stream of positions and getting nowhere, it could be the only thing standing between you and success is an unpolished resume.

Merely listing your job history – however extensive – isn’t enough to catch your potential employer’s attention anymore. Moreover, a loud, chaotic, or generic format can hurt your chances of getting through the first round. 

Whether you’re a new designer hunting for your first job, or a seasoned pro looking for a better prospect, your design resume needs to be exceptional for you to score an interview – let alone secure a job!

What your resume should do for you

At Resume Cats, we’re paw-ssionate about delivering top-quality content. Like us, your resume should do the hard work for you. It needs to sell you as the high-achieving powerhouse you are and have companies lining up to hire you!

Here’s what a stellar resume should do for you:

It should get the recruiter’s attention.

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Being a designer in today’s fast-paced market is challenging enough. According to stats from the Bureau of Labour,  an average 286,000 graphic designers are competing for 266,300 graphic design jobs!

Recruiters are putting potential employees through more rigorous vetting processes than ever before. The average job opening attracts 250 resumes.

Out of those resumes, only 2% of applicants will be called for an interview for the average job opening. 

Resume Cats are here to get you within that 2 percent!

It should boost your earning power.

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A TopResume study showed that candidates with a professionally-written resume were deemed by employers to be worth seven percent more than those with a self-written one. That’s a pretty decent pay rise!

In a world of ever-mounting costs, finding a salary that compensates the time and capital you’ve put into your career is paramount.

 Investing in a resume rewrite will not only speed up your job search, but it will also make you a more valuable candidate – and therefore worth a higher wage – in the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers. 

Meow that’s what you call success!

It should sell your skills.

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To quote Greg Faherty, founder of

 “The majority of resumes fail because all they provide are job descriptions”.

A 2018 study by TopResume showed employers are looking for achievers vs task-driven staff. Professionally-written resumes received top scores 57 percent of the time

This was primarily based on how they demonstrated the ability to deliver results. Self-written resumes received top scores just 35 percent of the time.

What does this tell us? Hiring managers are more interested in what impact you made at a job than in a list of your responsibilities. Rattling off a list of past duties doesn’t give any indication that you were an asset to that company. 

A great resume will show past performance that is indicative of future results. If you want to land the job, you need to sell yourself -and your skills – in the best way paw-ssible!

So now the cats out of the bag – what next?

You didn’t come from a Catnip-cutter – and your resume template shouldn’t either. In fact, it needs to be as unique as you are. Simple downloading a generic template off the web used by millions of other people doesn’t exactly scream “I’m different!”.

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There are hundreds of templates, resume creator tools and tips online. However, these won’t help you navigate the tactics being used by recruiters today to sift through candidates. A standard resume template isn’t going to cater to keywords and formatting requirements used by digital filtering programs. You’ll need the inside scoop!

 It can be overwhelmingly difficult to decide what format works best, what information to include, and how to present yourself. Investing in a professional resume not only takes the stress out of the process – it guarantees you input from a wealth of career experts!

Our services will help your resume bypass the elimination processes standing in your way. Not only that, we also guarantee it will set you apart from other candidates – and increase your chances of landing that dream job

At Resume Cats, we promise to transform your CV from cat-atonic to paw-erful today!

What Pearl Lemon Recruitment can do for you

Give your resume Nine Lives

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Top HR company EBI  states that 75% of hiring and talent managers use recruiting software and/or applicant tracking software when hiring.

Most resumes won’t make it past the applicant tracking system (ATS). This system rejects the “least-qualified” candidates. Things like format, content and lack of keywords matching the job description are measured, eliminating any resumes that don’t match the requirements. 

Only a very tiny percentage of resumes that are submitted to a job via online sites such as Indeed or Total Jobs will ever reach the hiring manager. 

Our purr-fectly crafted templates will ensure your resume reaches the hands of an actual human being. 

Get you to the front of the (fe)line!

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This famous quote by Sigmund Freud sums up our approach to efficient service. 

Once you find that dream designer job ad, you want to get your resume to the front of the line. The good news is that using Resume Cats to tailor your CV takes a grand total of 15 minutes. 

That’s right. Instead of laboriously altering your resume to customize it to the job description, why not let us do the heavy lifting?

You’ll be able to choose from our fantastic template gallery. Whatever package you choose, our designs boast optimized formatting to showcase your skills in the most fur-bulous manner possible!

On Demand Tail-oring

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Some applicants will send off the same CV to many vacancies – sometimes without even thoroughly reading the individual job advert. While this tactic might increase how many jobs you apply for at once, it will seriously hinder the quality of your application. 

Once you’ve created your resume with us, Resume Cats lets you adjust it anytime you need to. So if you find that dream job while you’re sitting on the Tube, you can instantly adapt your resume. 

A targeted resume is essential to help you stand out from competitors. Resume Cats gives you the flexibility to make changes to your design template litter-ally anywhere! 

Paw-some Packages

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At Resume Cats, we’re all about a-fur-dability! You can get started with our Free For Use package. You’ll have access to all our free templates, unlimited resumes and online builder, as well as PDF downloads!

If you’re ready for an upgrade, you can check out our Premium packages. For just $6 a month (that’s less than most of you spend on CatNip!) you’ll have exclusive access to our Premium Templates, as well as all the other features available at Resume Cats.

Purrty Sound Advice

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Alongside our exceptional resume-building services is our Resume Cats Blog. Here you’ll find a wide range of topics around the job market of today. Browse our posts and get fresh insight into subjects such as:

  • Tailoring your resume to specific job ads
  • Resume pitfalls and advantages
  • How to write impactful cover letters
  • The best performing job sites per industry
  • Resume design tips
  • Keyword searches

No more cat and mouse!

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You know what you want. You’ve had that dream job earmarked for long enough. You also know it isn’t just going to curl up in your lap. After all, isn’t that why you’re here – because you don’t just want to be good, you want to be GREAT?

At Resume Cats, your success is our success. We know that feeling when you get the callback, the congratulatory email, the Next Step document. It’s a feeling that can’t be beaten by those who’ve put the effort in and are finally seeing it paying off.

We want you to know the feeling, too!

That’s why we’re pooling our wealth of career knowledge, especially for you. We want you to take full advantage of everything that Resume Cats have to offer to achieve your goals. 

By the time we’ve finished with you, you’ll be the cat that got the cream!