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Businesses must adopt new-age strategies to survive in this highly competitive market. The hotel and catering industry has undergone a significant transformation to provide higher levels of customer satisfaction. Approachable and expert staffing is required to achieve more excellent reputations in the industry. You can efficiently achieve your long-term positive business goals by hiring the best people for your company. 

Finding the right people for hotels, resorts, clubs, and restaurants can take time and money. Most businesses fail to do so with their own Human Resources departments. They require the services of a specialised agency to hire the necessary personnel in a timely and appropriate manner.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment has the necessary efficiency to meet your need for trained catering staff in the same manner you have served or wish to serve your customers in a newly opened restaurant/bar, i.e., with great attention and care. So, whether you own a new restaurant/bar or an established one in high demand, we can meet your specific needs for specific hospitality staff positions with total commitment. 

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What Does A Recruitment Agency Do?

Recruiting the right people takes significant time and skill, and many businesses struggle to find enough time to do it well. A recruitment agency is a business that acts as a middleman between the company seeking candidates and the candidates themselves.

Recruiters build long-term relationships with clients and candidates to find the best fit between the organisation and the employee. Essentially, they streamline and manage their client’s recruitment process.

Moreover, they use databases to find people who meet specific criteria and post job openings online to find people with the right skills. Finding qualified applicants, interviewing them, and negotiating salaries can take significant time and money, making recruitment agencies an attractive option for smaller businesses and other organisations looking to streamline the application process.

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Reasons To Use A Catering Recruitment Agency

You will require assistance recruiting new employees regardless of the size of your catering business. Why not hire a hospitality recruitment agency to help you with your business needs, identify talent, and negotiate contract terms on your behalf? 59% of businesses are already enjoying the benefits of recruitment agencies, and here’s why.

Save Your Time And Money

If you advertise a Catering and Hospitality job that is particularly appealing, you may receive a large number of applications, the majority of which will almost certainly be unsuitable. That means sifting through hundreds of applications to find the best candidates and time better spent running your kitchen or restaurant! 

We have the in-house capability at Pearl Lemon Recruitment to deal with such issues, so you can focus on what you are good at. Instead of a pile of unsorted CVs, you’ll be presented with a handful of high-quality CVs from candidates with the skills, qualities, and experience you’re looking for. Isn’t that a lot easier?

Faster Hiring Process

In the hospitality industry, competition is fierce. As a result, finding the right candidate with the right set of skills can take weeks or months. The CV reviews, interviews, and offer processing can take time. All of this can cause a delay in the hiring process. Because the process has dragged on, you will likely lose top talent to a competitor. They are experienced and dedicated professionals who will facilitate and collaborate throughout the hiring process, resulting in an efficient and streamlined hiring process. Interviews can begin much sooner, allowing you to find the talent you require as soon as possible.

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Recruitment Agencies Have Access To Best Talents

Agencies have access to a diverse pool of qualified job candidates. Some job seekers do not have the time to search for job boards or other job-hiring apps; instead, they contact a trusted recruiter to find the best job for them. Talented recruiters can detect technical ability in job seekers and match businesses with candidates who share the organisation’s core values. One out of every three job seekers will switch jobs within the first year. 

Hiring an agency can improve your chances of finding a catering staff committed to staying with the company in the long run.

They Understand Your Industry

Recruitment agencies have extensive experience in a wide range of industry settings. They are involved in all aspects of the economy, including local, national, and international affairs. Knowledge and skill sets are easily accessible. They have extensive networks that help them manage their work.

Employers do not need to add to their workload by searching for qualified candidates to fill open positions. They can rely on recruitment agencies to deliver results while focusing their free time and resources on other aspects of their business

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You Will Only Pay For Your Hires

Generally, recruitment agencies work on an appointment-only basis. You would pay the agency a predetermined percentage of the annual remuneration package of the appointed candidates. If a hired candidate is not permanently appointed after the probation period, the percentage payable is reduced (also by a predetermined percentage). That is one of the many reasons why your account manager has a vested interest in finding the suitable candidates for the catering job the first time. 

Some agencies, usually associated with more senior-level placement projects, require an upfront administration fee or retainer. This could also happen only for companies with an unusually high staff turnover rate or an international workforce needing rapid growth.

Run Your Catering Business Smoothly

Many businesses use recruiting agencies to improve and strengthen their catering teams. If your catering business has difficulty hiring multiple people at once, reach out to professionals like Pearl Lemon Recruitment, who have the time and knowledge to make great hires for your company. Our recruitment agency exists for a reason: to assist businesses in running more efficiently and smoothly without missing a beat.

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We, like most agencies, operate on a salary-based sliding scale. Because we have low overhead, we can be more cost-effective than the majority of our competitors. We can work with most budgets because we are more affordable. 

Consult with us and let us know if you want to know more about our costs.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help you hire almost every role in a catering team. This includes: 

  • Sous Chef, Relief Chef, Pastry Chef, Temp Chef, Executive Chef, Head Chef
  • Catering Assistant
  • Kitchen Porter
  • Waiting Staff
  • Various Bar Staff
  • Restaurant Manager, General Manager, Operations Manager

No, recruitment agencies don’t charge the candidates. Instead of charging candidates a fee, recruitment agencies bill their clients a percentage of the successful candidate’s annual salary. A common misunderstanding about recruitment agencies is that they source jobs for candidates.