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When you need to grow a sales team quickly or have a consistent need for sales experts, direct sales recruiting is a smart choice when choosing a recruiting partner. Many high-performance firms, including numerous start-up sales organizations, have trusted us to help them build their sales teams.

Our quality-focused direct sales recruiting consultants use a thorough screening and assessment process to rapidly and efficiently match client firms with the top sales talent. This sales talent, which is so important to your business’ development and growth, no matter its size or the niche it operates in, is often made up of highly qualified candidates that would have been hard for businesses to reach using their standard hiring processes, one of the biggest reasons that working with a direct sales recruitment agency like Pearl Lemon Recruitment can be such a game changer.

Understanding the Power of Passive Candidate Recruitment

There’s no getting around it: the ideal sales job prospect is frequently already employed, particularly at higher levels. These individuals, often known as passive candidates, present a unique series of challenges for today’s sales recruiter; after all, someone who is content in their existing position is unlikely to apply for vacant opportunities or respond to recruiter contact.

However, it is worth the extra work to pursue passive candidates. Passive candidates, according to study, are 120 percent more likely to make a significant positive impact at your firm. To put it another way, neglecting passive applicants means passing up a slew of excellent candidates.

But how can you reach these sales pros in the hope of adding their expertise, drive and often impressive proven sales success to your firm’s sales team?

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Traditional recruiting entails posting a job opening and waiting for applicants. Passive candidate sourcing is the process of proactively hunting for and contacting employed people in order to gauge their interest in your available position. Candidate sourcing, according to research, is an effective and efficient technique to employ top sales talent:

Candidates who are sourced are more than twice as effective as those who apply.

Compared to 1 in every 152 non-sourced candidates, 1 in every 72 sourced candidates is hired.

This is a tricky and time-consuming process, however. These highly qualified candidates often quite literally have to be sold on the idea of making an employment change. Most sensible, upwardly mobile sales professionals are however usually open to listening, if someone takes the time to approach and address them in the right way.

These are skills that the team at our direct sales recruitment agency have spent a great deal of time developing and perfecting, and by putting those skills to work for our clients the talent pool we can assemble for them is usually far more highly qualified, motivated and suited to the role.

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A Direct Sales Recruitment Agency Saves You Time and Money

There’s usually no getting around it: hiring fresh talent takes time and money. If you make a poor hire, these costs will rise. In the long run, direct sales recruitment agencies can save you time and money. Direct sales recruiting services can also improve your chances of hiring the appropriate person on the first try, saving you even more money in the long run.

How do we help you hire the right talent faster? Direct sales recruitment agencies handle the most time-consuming portions of the hiring process, such as the initial interview and skills testing, in addition to finding your ideal candidate.

Sales staffing specialists can move much faster because they devote their entire workday to seeking staffing options. If you go it alone, you can only go as quickly as your schedule will allow. You won’t have to take time away from your core activities until you’re provided with A-list candidates if you utilize a direct sales recruitment agency.

We’ll save you even more time in the long run too, even after your open sales positions have been filled. According to studies, a low-performing employee consumes around 17% of a manager’s time, or nearly one day each week. And if you have to replace the problematic employee, the time it takes to find and train a new employee adds up to even more missed time.

By evaluating candidates before they even walk through your door, a direct sales recruitment agency like Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help you reduce attrition. In many circumstances, direct sales recruiting firms like ours have already worked with a candidate on a temporary or consultative basis, giving our sales staffing specialists a strong understanding of whether the possible employee would be able to meet your expectations and fit into the office culture.

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We can also help you cut onboarding and training costs. Direct sales recruitment agencies perform pre-employment assessments that cover a lot of the costly groundwork that might drain your budget. These costs can be devastating to a small or even medium business with a limited budget, labor, and human resources assistance.

Sales recruiting companies also frequently provide their candidates with a number of resources and training opportunities so that they can continue to refine their sales skills, learn new job skills, study industry-specific rules, and keep up with technological changes. This training guarantees that you’ll get a skilled individual with a diverse skill set and industry expertise.

We can also help when you need extra expert sales help on a temporary or short-term basis, perhaps ahead of a big product launch. Sales staffing firms have a varied pool of candidates with the direct sales skill sets you need to plug the gap, saving you money on overtime pay for your full-time employees and avoiding burnout among your most key talent.

In the end, working with Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help your company manage its time and budget more effectively. Direct sales recruiting solutions also give you access to the best candidates, whether you need to hire full-time or temporary direct sales staff who will get the job done right the first time.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.