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It’s not uncommon for businesses to have trouble finding and hiring top talent; 76% of HR decision-makers believe that getting excellent prospects is their most significant recruitment difficulty.

They might attribute this to a lack of qualified applicants, concerns about the company’s image, or a lack of advertising.

The point remains true: the battle for talent is fierce. In addition, the rivalry is likely to double if you seek highly specialised workers such as artisans.

Most people agree on the following generalisations about artisans:

Mastery is vital to a true artisan. They devote their entire lives to their craft and put in extensive time and effort toward constant growth.

When given some independence, they do better. Artisans must be free to select their own projects, clients, hours, and supplies.

Their work doesn’t stop at work. They frequently carry out their work duties even at home.

Values play an essential role in their job. These artists invest significant time and energy into projects that matter to them. For the love of their art, they could even forego financial gain.

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They see the whole picture when it comes to a product. In most cases, artisans can create an item entirely independently because they do the code for it; they know its ins and outs. 

One may draw many inferences about artists based on the data supplied here. One of these is the fact that it will be challenging to locate and enlist the services of a highly qualified candidate.

Do not worry; Pearl Lemon Recruitment can help.

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Why Is It So Hard To Hire Artisans?

From what we’ve noticed concerning artisanal mindsets, we can tell that artisans are very resistant to resume screening, evaluations or several interviews. That’s a recruiting procedure established during the industrial revolution to employ assembly line workers — individuals who could be hard-working and skilled at their occupations but would be expected to follow orders and function in a controlled setting.

People with an artisanal attitude won’t submit themselves to that type of recruiting procedure or method of work. Artisans know they’re good; if a prospective employer doesn’t know they’re good, they’re not interested.

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For example, an exceptional artisan, one of which you are seeking for your vacancy, definitely receives messages from recruiters often. Employers and recruiters would prompt them to apply for a job, arrange a screening call, and provide a résumé, the regular process.

And they don’t want it because, well, aside from the fact that they got several offers like that, it’s not really an effective technique for them to demonstrate their skill.

Hung Lee a well-known thought leader in Human Resources, feels that what an employer has to do if they’d want to recruit an excellent artisan is look for social proof and evidence of skills.

“It’s like when you’re thinking about trying a new coffee shop – you won’t ask to test the coffee or interview the baristas,” says Hung.”You’ll check the store’s popularity, and you’ll hear what other people say about it. And if you like its reputation, you’ll have a taste.”

Companies should recognise that artisans appreciate labour differently than regular office workers. Therefore, a better screening or recruiting procedure for them may be a trial period of some type, a paid creative project for a month or two to examine whether they’d fit your people.

It’s very tough. We won’t lie. But if you want to employ the greatest craftsman you can get, we’d say it’s worth it.

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Cross Out Background Checks from Your Worry List

When we say we only work with the finest, we mean it. We’ll have gotten to know them through interviews, had a chance to see their work, and heard comments from their past employers. Well, how’s that for saving you some headaches?

Fast and Efficient Employees.

Every new employee has a learning curve, but a digital and creative employment agency can help you locate people with the skills and experience to move up the stairwell confidently rather than standing on the mezzanine looking lost.

Have A Higher-quality Talent Pool

For instance, Pearl Lemon Recruitment exclusively hires the most qualified candidates worldwide. Our team’s designers, writers, and presentation experts have impressive resumes and samples. LinkedIn emphasises that many of the most qualified job seekers are not actively browsing employment websites. If you’re looking for “hidden gem candidates” candidates, the top employment firms can reach out on your behalf.

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Hire The Right People for The Right Reasons

The most successful pairings in the world of work occur when the customer’s desires and the talent’s skillset are highly congruent.

Our clients can specify the desired skill set and work history, as well as the position’s duration, schedule, and remuneration. We are constantly looking for possibilities where both parties may benefit, so our talent pool has access to the same resources.

Good Cost/Benefit Ratio 

It takes businesses  approximately a month to recruit suitable replacement workers, which is a significant financial burden. Companies are uncertain about the economy and the quality of the available personnel and want assurance that they are getting the most for their investment.

The agency’s extensive connections to active and passive job seekers mean you may save time and energy by skipping the first applicant vetting process.

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Why Pearl Lemon Recruitment?

Pearl Lemon Recruitment is well-versed in the difficulties of modern-day recruiting. Since we also operate as a marketing agency and B2B lead generation firm, our primary areas of competence lay in digital and sales.

The company’s founder came up in the cold calling industry. To our knowledge, we are the only recruitment firm that aggressively cold calls to fill positions.

We have a profound knowledge originating from our placement programme to provide all applicants with further free training and development. TEDx has even recognised us for our recruiting methods.

We use stringent recruiting procedures and rigorous grading to get only the best candidates into your company.

To evaluate each candidate thoroughly, we have them submit a video application, participate in one-on-one interviews, and complete a battery of technical, position-specific questions. We also provide an extensive pre-employment training programme. This includes an eight-week pre-employment training programme to guarantee that new hires have the necessary technical skills to contribute immediately.

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