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Employers claim that hiring is more complicated than ever due to a lack of therapists entering the field and a drop in the calibre of applicants. 

Conversely, the treatment demand is growing as the beauty business thrives. It may be one aspect that drives an increase in the number of London beauty clinics and salons using staffing firms to help with staffing needs. 

You might want to consider how the growing number of specialised agencies in the capital can benefit your company. 

Now is the time to pick a top-notch recruiting agency, such as Pearl Lemon Recruitment, that can provide you with the best employees for your business. 

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Perks of Working With A Recruitment Agency for Beauty Therapists

Reduce Costs And Time

Due to the focus on people in the beauty industry, you must spend much effort in front of the house to ensure things operate properly and provide unique experiences for your customers. Working in an organisation with a high turnover rate might detract from this because so much of your valuable time is consumed with screening resumes, conducting interviews, and onboarding new employees. 

Working with a recruiting agency will help you use your resources more efficiently and give you more time to focus on escalating your business. You can also avoid paying some fees related to beauty recruitment, such as posting job advertising.

You can discover a potential employee more quickly by using a recruitment agency. You can discover a potential employee more quickly by using a recruitment agency. When working with a recruitment agency, you give them information about the position and the hiring deadline.

The employment agency will not need to find and shortlist individuals because it is already established. The entire process is handled by the recruitment agency, which might help you save a tonne of time. Once you have handed them the task, they will present you with the top few prospects for your selection. You will have access to the immense talent database that these firms currently have.

If you are an applicant, having someone speak with the business on your behalf is advantageous

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Market Expertise

Let’s take an example. Since beauty recruiting companies in London are experts in this area, they will know where to look for beauty employees, how to contact them, and what skill set your company needs. Customised hiring can reduce the time required for internal training, allowing your new team member to start doing what they do best as soon as possible. 

Turnaround times are frequently significantly shorter than internally managing recruitment, where resources are few because recruiters can access a CV database and use various recruitment platforms. Additionally, a recruiting firm may advise you on what is reasonable and appropriate for the work and avoid the stress of salary bargaining.

Excellent Candidates

Several organisations adhere to a thorough screening procedure when hiring beauty therapist positions. You can be sure that you are selecting the most qualified employees since candidates are internally interviewed and put through a trade test to ensure they are well-experienced and capable of delivering excellent professional standards.

Agencies that appreciate the work of therapists, help them, and pay them fairly will have a devoted staff of temps who are also dependable, enthusiastic about their jobs, and have a positive attitude. Client satisfaction and a boost to your beauty or salon’s reputation are the results!

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Comfort And Versatility

The benefits of this service greatly exceed any alleged drawbacks if you are looking for temporary cover for your beauty or salon. First, as a customer, you have no obligations and the freedom to schedule shifts whenever necessary, even at the last minute when demand increases. 

Having a pool of skilled therapists to pick from makes it simpler to cover those unwelcome weekend shifts, which are frequent when business is brisk. Agency workers can make the booking arrangements for you as an extra convenience, and some even offer 24-hour online systems that provide prompt confirmation of bookings.

Limited Advertising

Businesses may not receive enough eligible applications when they publish job openings. They need an experienced candidate with specialised expertise, but the CVs they receive fall short. The high-calibre individuals they need do not see the advertisement, which is typically the result of poor advertising. They won’t be able to apply for the opportunity if they aren’t aware of it.

The benefit of recruiting agencies is that they actively look for professionals that match the job description and publicise job openings online and in person.

Gives You A Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the main advantages of temporary employment. Professional beauty therapists can work full- or part-time through a recruitment agency, allowing them to choose specific days and hours that fit their schedules. This type of work is fully flexible, and YOU have the command. 

Temporary Positions To Fill

The hiring companies are aware that the most acceptable employment necessitates excellent experience. The most qualified recruitment firm offers both temporary and permanent employment. These businesses aid you in contract hire.

Promotes Work-Life Balance

Do you realise that you live for your job? 

The UK ranks 11 out of 37 countries regarding work-life balance, with the Netherlands in the top spot. However, you don’t need to be in the Netherlands to have that ultimate balance.

The time is now to strike the appropriate balance in your life, giving yourself the time you require to devote to other interests, such as your hobby, vacation, or simply spending time with your family over the holidays. 

Never before has found the ideal balance between work and recreation been more critical. Beauty temping allows you to strike the ideal balance between putting your all into your job and creating a positive work-life balance.

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Build Your Team With Pearl Lemon Recruitment

We have received TEDx recognition for our hiring procedures. Our placement programme has an intense level of experience to provide all candidates with further free training and growth. 

It is done to ensure that our candidates are qualified and have high standards.

Our rigorous recruitment procedure and top grading technique guarantee that only applicants of the highest calibre will join your company.

To thoroughly evaluate quality, we need each applicant to submit a video application, participate in one-on-one interviews, and respond to technical job-specific questions. 

Additionally, we offer pre-company training. It includes an eight-week pre-start training programme to ensure applicants have a specific degree of technical competency to contribute immediately.

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