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Hiring is challenging, and it’s getting harder for many businesses.

Early in 2020, 54% of companies reported a lack of unqualified candidates, and by 2030, it is anticipated that there will be approximately more than 85 million empty positions globally.

Fortunately, hiring managers of all sizes can benefit from the ability of recruitment agencies to intervene and considerably simplify the hiring procedure.

However, to benefit from these recruiting agencies, you must consider a top-notch agency with a proven record of excellence. 

At Pearl Lemon Recruitment, we link you with skilled digital marketing and sales specialists as a top recruitment agency, whether you need one person or an entire project team and whether your needs are temporary or permanent.

About Recruitment Agencies

Traditionally, the employer has been in charge of hiring. However, when left in the hands of employers, hiring is expensive and time-consuming.

Partner with recruitment agencies.

By managing the chores of locating top talent, screening individuals, and presenting the top candidates to clients, recruitment firms serve as the link between employers and employees.

Although there are many different kinds of employment agencies and recruitment agencies, they are not interchangeable. Finding talent for permanent positions, especially upper-management and executive roles, is a priority for recruitment firms.

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After that, the firm will search its networks and database for qualified applicants and organise influencers to contact candidates inside those circles. The average time it takes these recruiters to scan a resume is six seconds.

After compiling a list of probable applicants, the agency will screen them and schedule interviews. Only 2% of candidates, on average, are interviewed.


The agency schedules interviews with candidates with their team. By doing this, the agency will get a better sense of the applicants and determine whether they could be excellent fits for your business and good representatives of the agency.

During this process, the agency will inform candidates of your company’s requirements, culture, and long-term goals.

Your organisation will be briefed on each candidate after using these interviews to reduce the pool of candidates, and the agency will help you set up final interviews. 


The recruiting firm can work with you to manage offer and salary talks with the candidate once you’ve found the one you’d like to hire. The recruiting firm will save you time and guarantee the candidate has a primary point of contact throughout the process by taking over offer negotiations from you.


The agency may help your business with employee onboarding after accepting an offer. Only 12% of employees are pleased with their employers’ efforts in this area. 

In addition to assisting both parties with the documentation required for employment, the agency will ensure your new hire is at ease and eager to join your team as we advance.

An Overview of The Work Process


You must first reach an agreement once your business has chosen to deal with a specific recruitment agency.

Naturally, you’ll have to accept the terms of payment, which are typically a retainer fee or contingency fee structure. You’ll need to agree on your expectations for the work as well, though.

For instance, several employment agencies provide a guarantee term. It practically guarantees that you will get a fantastic hire. The agency will start over and look for your subsequent employment if your most recent recruit doesn’t pan out within the time frame specified.


The next step is to meet with your recruitment agency to review your hiring requirements. Your organisation can recruit candidates for numerous positions, and you might be hiring for one important executive role.

The agency wants to gather as much data as possible to locate and attract the most qualified job prospects. Typically, you’ll give your agency a detailed job description, a list of prerequisites, critical talents and qualities, and other essential requirements.

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Improved Hiring And Final Applicants:

Unfortunately, if you pursue the wrong applicant through the hiring process, your rival may already be onboarding the ideal applicant you rejected earlier.

Even worse, you might even hire a dishonest applicant without realising it. According to a CareerBuilder poll, candidates who lied about their qualifications accounted for 33% of unsatisfactory hiring.

Recruiting firms are hiring experts. They not only have more time to carefully screen candidates, but they also have the experience to more easily see warning signs. Because of this, you can be sure that the prospects you obtain from a recruiting agency when they hand over their top picks have been thoroughly vetted and fulfil your requirements.

The staff recruiters at Pearl Lemon Recruitment are knowledgeable about every step of the hiring process for employees because it is what we do daily. Our recruiting method is based on excellent and time-tested tactics.

Benefits Of Partnering With PL Recruitment

There are several reasons your business should use a recruiting agency for your hiring needs, but three, in particular, stand out.

Greater Talent Availability:

More extensive talent networks are accessible through recruitment agencies.

Unlike most employers, who are restricted to LinkedIn, recruiting firms use a variety of sources, often including their platforms, to find as many outstanding candidates as possible.

Not to mention that they can use their contacts in the sector to obtain references, which are perceived to be five times more effective than other employment channels.

Also willing to do headhunting for the top applicants are recruitment agencies. They frequently have success, luring top passive talent away from other businesses. Since just 30% of the world’s workforce is actively looking for a job, many of these prospects aren’t discovered in the typical search.

It is what Pearl Lemon Recruitment does. We search for top performers with relevant sector experience to fill positions for businesses that focus on anything.

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Build A Strong Team

Need to hire permanent staff at any stage, from entry-level to boardroom, but detest the time, cost, and difficulty involved with doing so, particularly when it comes to still-evolving sectors like digital marketing? 

Pearl Lemon Recruitment manages the entire hiring process for you, from promoting your position and business to making employment offers and settling on salary.

So hold yourself back and get in touch with our experts today!