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Web designers, aka web developers, play an important role in assisting companies and brands in communicating with their target audience. 

Because the internet has become an essential component of modern business, multi-sector and specialist IT recruitment agencies are frequently approached to source web design staff for permanent or contract positions.

As mentioned, your brand’s image and awareness lie in the hand of your web designers, which is why you need to ensure that you’re hiring the right candidate. 

Here at Pearl Lemon Recruitment, we look for the most talented industry candidates that suit your standards and requirements.

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A Brief Introduction To Recruitment Agencies

A recruitment agency acts as a go-between for a company looking to hire someone and a job seeker looking for work. At the end of the day, the primary function of a recruiting agency is to find the best candidate for a job listing that its recruiters have been asked to fill.

They are experts at locating, screening and attracting candidates for open positions. These recruitment agencies are in charge of the entire talent acquisition process, from start to finish. This can include advertising the position, reviewing resumes, interviewing potential candidates, and collaborating with hiring managers to find the best fit.

Job seekers should consider using a recruitment firm to find work more quickly. Similarly, businesses that require immediate staffing can efficiently and effectively augment their workforces with the assistance of a recruitment agency.


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Finding The Best Talent With Pearl Lemon Recruitment

When you need a single person for a project or an entire team, whether temporary or permanent, our staffing agency will connect you with the best website designer. Let us assist you in having a good and optimised website when you hire with us.

Get assistance with the following:

Remote Hiring

We can match you with qualified web designers who are immediately available and have everything set up so that you can begin working remotely quickly and easily. When you’re ready to hire technical staff, we provide a highly qualified pool of professionals with proven work experience.

Because we recognise that only some businesses have gotten used to managing the logistics of remote work, we provide specialised support to our employer clients. We ensure you have the technical support and tools you need for remote work, such as appropriate laptops and virtual workspaces. Setup is simple and worry-free when you have us on your side.

Temporary Talent

With the help of flexible, on-demand recruiting, you can manage changing workloads, special projects, and staff absences. Get immediate access to highly qualified temporary employees, contractors, and interims who have been carefully vetted and matched to your needs by Pearl Lemon Recruitment. Don’t let a staffing shortage keep you from moving forward and expanding; let us help you do so.

Permanent Talent

 Need to add permanent web developers and designers but want to cut time and cost? Are you tired of the stressful process of hiring? We take care of your entire hiring process, from advertising your position and company to extending employment offers and negotiating pay.

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Why Use A Recruitment Agency For Web Designers?

For many years, the term recruitment agency was frowned upon by hiring managers, but there has recently been a wind of change. Many businesses are turning to recruitment agencies, with an emphasis on ‘partnership’ relationships between employer and agency.

So, why the transition to a recruitment agency? The following are some of the primary reasons why 90% of organisations are now establishing closer relationships with recruitment agencies:

Handles The Job Postings

When employers post job openings, they may not receive enough qualified applicants. They are looking for an experienced candidate with specialised skills, but the CVs they receive are inadequate. This is frequently due to poor marketing. The high-calibre people they require may not see the advertisement, and if they are unaware of the opportunity, they will be unable to apply for it.

The benefit of hiring agencies is that they advertise job vacancies – both online and in person – and actively seek out professionals who fit the job description. Recruitment consultants may make direct contact with talented individuals they know, having previously assisted them in finding a new job and inviting them to apply for the role. Some professionals may not be actively looking for a job change, but your opening may entice them.


Same Time and Money

Agency recruitment is typically faster than in-house recruitment because recruitment agencies already have a pool of qualified candidates and the resources to attract more. They also allow managers and other employees to focus on their tasks, allowing the workplace to remain productive.

Furthermore, there is no guarantee that a hiring campaign will find the right candidate(s) on the first try. This could mean repeating the process several times and incurring additional costs. Recruiters are experts in their field, so they minimise this risk and the risk of making a bad hire.

Extensive Knowledge Of The SEO Industry

Another advantage of a recruitment agency is that they work all day to provide staffing solutions for businesses in industries such as finance and accounting, financial services, interim management, technology, and office administration. 

As a result, they have significant expertise and job market insight on an international, national, and local level, which employers can draw on when developing their recruitment strategy. 

Recruitment consultants understand employer requirements, candidate expectations, and the effects of supply and demand on the overall job market. This means they are well-positioned to assist employers in making informed decisions that benefit the bottom line.

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Access To Qualified Talents

Businesses require more than just bodies to fill positions, mainly if they operate in technical and specialised industries like IT. Staffing firms, particularly industry-specific firms like Pearl Lemon Recruitment, can provide talents with specialised and technical skills.

By putting our candidates through our specialised hiring process, for example, we ensure that each candidate is:

  • screened, 
  • vetted, 
  • trained, and equipped for industry-specific jobs.

We will ensure that every candidate we offer clients is qualified for that position and equipped to work specifically within the marketing and IT industry.

Reduce Risk Of New Hire Turnover

New hire turnover is costly. There are numerous hidden costs associated with a vacant position, particularly the time and resources required to hire and train a new employee – and if they don’t work out, you have to start over with their replacement. When a successful staffing agency steps in to help you place the best candidates in the right roles the first time, it increases retention rates and lowers turnover costs.

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Web Designer Roles We Can Help You Find

If you’re looking to expand or replace your web developers/designers, here are some positions we can assist you in finding.

UX Designer

The focus of a UX designer (short for User Experience Designer) is on overall product user satisfaction. UX designers are constantly looking for ways to improve how the product experience feels to the user, such as making it faster, easier, or more fun to use.

A UX designer can also be considered the product’s user advocate, ensuring that each product component is in the most logical, easily accessible location and that any multi-step process within the product is streamlined and intuitive for the user.

Our web designer recruitment firm looks for a good UX Designer that not only understands the importance of content hierarchy but also considers what makes a successful end product. A UX designer investigates numerous solutions to the same problem. After countless hours of prototyping, user testing, and persona creation, a detailed decision is made on which path is the best solution.

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UI Designer

The primary responsibility of the UI Designer is to create a visually stunning and intuitive interface for users of websites, applications, or even games. They determine how people move from point A to point B via various touchpoints. 

Everything seen within an app, such as menu bar options or game inventory screens, falls under this category. They are primarily in charge of how a user interacts with the application, whereas a user experience designer is concerned with how that interaction feels.

Our UI design recruiters look for a talented UI Designer that will help you create incredible user experiences. The one with an eye for clean and artful design, superior UI skills, and the ability to translate high-level requirements into interaction flows and artefacts will then be transformed into beautiful, intuitive, and functional user interfaces.

UX Designer

WordPress developers use WordPress, a free and open-source content management system, to create, implement, and manage websites (CMS). They are in charge of front-end and back-end development, including everything from plug-ins to security updates. WordPress developers create and direct website architecture, ensuring that sites are appealing and user-friendly.


They also take over WordPress training, troubleshooting, and resolving website issues for clients and coworkers. WordPress developers can work in a variety of industries, such as graphic design firms, marketing firms, and computer systems.

Looking for something that is not on the list? Give us a call, and we’ll love to discuss it with you.

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Never Worry About Your Web Design When You Hire Through Pearl Lemon Recruitment

Web design is significant because it influences how your target audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on your visitors will determine whether they stay on your page and learn about your business or leave and go to a competitor. Besides, a good web design requires a talented web designer.

Bring the most talented web designer to your company when you hire through Pearl Lemon Recruitment

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A candidate should not pay a recruitment agency for their services. Employers will pay a recruitment agency to find suitable candidates for a role; therefore, even if a job seeker secures work through a recruiter, this should not be at the expense of the job seeker.


This varies according to the agency and the nature of your company. For example, if finding candidates in your business sector is complex, the agency may request that you pay for some advertising for the role in specific business publications. However, in most cases, recruitment firms operate on a “no win-no fee” basis, so you would not have to pay unless you hired someone they found for you.


Recruitment firms charge a percentage of the employee’s first year’s annual fee for permanent employees. The percentage charged varies greatly – anywhere from 15% to 30%. The recruitment company charges a fee in addition to the hourly rate you usually expect to pay the worker in question. This also varies greatly between agencies.

There are two main reasons why using a recruitment agency is worth it. The first is when your internal human resources department’s resources are stretched too thin by handling all recruitment functions. The second advantage of using an external recruitment agency is that it can identify and attract passive candidates who aren’t actively looking for work and may be working for a competitor.