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When a sales position opens up in your company, you want to fill it as fast as possible and with the best candidate possible. It is, of course, simpler to say than to accomplish. And the longer the search takes, the more money you are losing.

It’s undeniably important to take the time to find the greatest possible fit for your company, but the longer a sales staff hiring process takes, the more expensive (and stressful) it becomes.

Working with a sales staff recruitment agency is one answer to this problem that a growing number of businesses are discovering to be both highly productive and cost-effective. Working with Pearl Lemon Recruitment means collaborating with one of the industry’s most experienced teams, comprised of both recruiters and sales experts.

Should You Work with a Sales Staff Recruitment Agency?

Working with a sales staffing agency is an additional cost, and you might be questioning if it’s worth it.

Expert sales headhunters, such as those on the Pearl Lemon Recruiting team, can help you improve the sales staff recruitment process, as well as the success and longevity of your hire, in a variety of ways.

Here are some of the ways that using a sales staff recruitment agency will help you enhance your hiring process, from reducing stress to saving money through lower search costs, a quicker time to hire, and lower turnover of those who are hired.


Recruit from a larger, more qualified pool of salespeople

You could think you’ve cast a wide enough net by posting to a variety of job boards, social networking sites, and your own professional website. If you’re okay with exclusively targeting active sales staff prospects or those actively seeking new work, you might be on the right track (typically those who are already unemployed). However, limiting your sales staff recruitment efforts to places where candidates must be actively looking for work misses out on a crucial set of candidates: passive candidates.

It’s not surprising that many of the best salespeople already work in sales and have a solid job they have no active need to leave. These candidates are highly sought after, but they are tough to locate because they are not actively seeking new employment.

According to LinkedIn, 85% of jobseekers are passive, meaning they’re looking for new options but won’t go out of their way to do so; you’ll have to go out of your way to let them know about what you have to offer.

By employing sales staff recruiting services, you gain access to a large pool of passive candidates in our sales staff recruitment agency’s network. This not only increases the number of qualified salespeople you can contact, but it also elevates the average quality of the people you can interview.


Every Aspect of the Sales Staff Recruitment Process Will Be Improved

You most likely made a few critical blunders in that job posting you were thinking about putting up on your own. Perhaps the job title didn’t catch the right people’s attention, or the job description was packed with niche industry terms that turned off qualified applicants from other fields.

Because it is what they do on a daily basis, the sales staff recruiters at Pearl Lemon Recruitment are familiar with every facet of the sales staff hiring process. Their sales recruiting technique is built on tried-and-true strategies that are proven to work.

From properly labeling the job to employing employee referrals to asking the crucial screening and interview questions you may not have, everything is meticulously structured and tailored to find the best candidates.

Whether you’re a large corporation with a Human Resources department or a smaller firm, your internal team is likely overworked and hasn’t had the opportunity to fully flesh out the ideal hiring process. The time it takes to seek prospects and the quality of the hiring made by a good senior sales recruiter reflect Pearl Lemon Recruitment’s experience and expertise. We’re confident you’ll be impressed.


Reduce the time it takes to hire someone.

Reducing the time it takes to hire someone is one of the most important things a sales staff recruitment agency can do for you. The goal of a good sales recruiter is to make the process as efficient as possible, but speed also matters.

By recruiting people from their existing candidate pool, you can start interviews much more quickly and acquire high-quality applicants early in the process. Additionally, because your sales recruiter is in charge of all initial screening procedures, the process is simplified and proceeds rapidly until your first in-person interviews.

They continue to identify new talent throughout the process, ensuring that you have a consistent stream of interview-worthy candidates. By keeping the process moving forward and carefully filtering every step of the way, you will be able to find the appropriate hire as quickly and efficiently as possible.

By the time the process is over, sales staff recruiters have paid for themselves several times over, leading to shorter time-to-hire and higher personnel quality and retention.

Ensure that your company's culture is in sync.

If they are going to be out there selling what you have to offer every day, every sales team member must be as close as possible to the exact embodiment of your company’s culture and values. However, finding the correct business culture fit is one of the most difficult and time-consuming aspects of the sales staffing process.

In addition to screening for skills and experience, solid sales recruiters, such as those on the Pearl Lemon Recruitment team, know how to match you with prospects who will reflect your corporate culture. Employee retention is influenced by business culture fit, and pre-screening for it minimizes the number of redundant interviews and, as a result, lowers attrition among the final recruits.

Hiring the top Sales staff recruitment firm to help you with your recruitment drive can result in a level of talent that far exceeds your current expectations.

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