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A good SEO team can put your website on top of the search results. Although they don’t take an eternity, seeing SEO results can take some time. According to SEO experts, one of the few indications that it’s time to hire a new SEO employee is if six months have passed and you haven’t noticed any significant results from your plan.

Though hiring SEO employees is not as easy as you thought it could be, you should seek help from a recruitment agency to ensure that you’ll work with a competent one.

An expert like Pearl Lemon Recruitment will work tirelessly to give you a list of reputable SEO employees missing from your SEO toolbox. Our professionals will work to see that your SEO campaign comes to fruition.

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Pearl Lemon Recruitment As Your SEO Recruitment Agency

When you need one individual for a project or an entire team, whether temporary or permanent, our staffing agency will match you to skilled specialists in the SEO field. Let us help you create an effective, engaged team that will advance your company because results matter. 

Get help with the following:

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Remote Hiring

We can pair you with qualified SEO employees who are immediately available and have everything set up so that remote work can get started quickly and easily. We offer a highly qualified pool of SEO experts when you’re ready to hire small digital marketing or sales staff.

We offer specialised support to our employer clients because we recognise that not all businesses have yet gotten used to managing the logistics of remote work. We ensure you have the technical support and tools required for remote work, including suitable laptops and virtual workspaces. With us on your side, setup is simple and worry-free.

Permanent Talent

Need to add a permanent SEO employee but want to cut time and cost? Are you tired of the stressful process of hiring? We take care of the entire hiring process for you, from advertising your position and company to extending employment offers and negotiating pay.

Temporary Talent

Manage changing workloads, special projects, and staff absences with the help of flexible, on-demand recruiting. Get immediate access to highly qualified temporary employees, contractors, and interims that Pearl Lemon Recruitment has carefully vetted and matched to your requirements. Don’t let a staffing deficit prevent you from moving forward and continuing to grow; let us assist you in doing so.

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In-House Recruiting Vs Recruitment Agencies

Great prospects are difficult to discover these days. It’s a candidate-driven market now that unemployment is at its lowest. Your top job candidates in this circumstance are passive job seekers; they don’t actively seek employment because they already hold it. This implies that advertising your vacant position on job boards is insufficient to attract top applicants.

To draw potential employees and persuade them to apply to your open job positions, you must:

  • create a strong employee value proposition, 
  • compose a job post that will stand out, 
  • advertise it on multiple social media platforms, and construct a great career website.

You must spend many hours sorting through applications to locate competent individuals once you eventually receive them. All of that requires time, making it a time-consuming and difficult task.

The increased recruiting workload will burden other team members if you don’t have a dedicated in-house recruiter. You might not be able to locate and connect with the kind of applicant you need, even if you have a dedicated internal recruiter.

Pros Of A Seo Recruitment Agency

Although there are many tools an employer can assist with recruiting and hiring, recruitment firms are still essential to many organisations.

There is an agency for everyone, regardless of whether you frequently hire for various positions or are an organisation searching for specialised talent. It can be a good idea to consider how collaborating with an agency could assist your business before deciding against it.


Saves You Time Finding The Right Seo Expert

Time is your most valuable resource as an employer, yet it takes time to hire new employees. You can devote more time to your organisation’s daily operations by giving a recruitment agency control of your hiring needs.

Even if you may be the one who knows your needs the best, hiring involves more than just matching candidates to positions. You might have to look through 100 CVs for one position before selecting the top 20 applicants. Not to mention selecting candidates through screening, interviews, and reference checks. Many businesses lack time to complete all of this.

Before meeting you for a final interview, the proper recruitment firm can efficiently locate, phone screen, and prepare prospects. Your hiring procedure becomes much more simplified because you will concentrate your efforts on only a few individuals for screening. Overall, you are hiring qualified individuals most effectively while saving critical time.

Extensive Knowledge Of The SEO Industry

Recruitment consultants must stay current on news, trends, and events in the sector they are recruiting for. Since keeping up with every industry is nearly tricky, specialist agencies succeed in this area.

They will be able to walk you through every step of the procedure and inform you of any adjustments that may have an impact.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment is part of the Pearl Lemon Group that offers SEO and Lead Generation services. Working with us as your recruitment agency will ensure that we have prior knowledge of how SEO works. Hence, allowing us to weed out the finest candidate in the market.

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SEO Experts We Can Help You Hire

If you’re planning to add up or replace your SEO team, here are some positions we can help you find.

SEO Specialist

A search engine optimisation specialist (SEO specialist) evaluates, tests, and modifies websites to make them more search engine friendly. As a result, the websites rank higher in the search results on popular search engines like Google and Bing.

An SEO specialist optimises a website’s pages to improve user experience, ensure relevant search results, and increase website traffic, lead volume, and brand awareness. In other words, an SEO specialist is no different from any other traditional or digital marketer in that their main goal is to increase sales for the business they work for.

An SEO specialist can improve a website’s exposure on Google by conducting keyword research and using SEO tools like Google Analytics, which has significant advantages for any business. Some collaborate with other marketing team members to create new projects or improve social media account management to increase user engagement and traffic.

SEO Copywriter

An SEO copywriter creates content to improve a website’s position in search results. Although the work is comparable to that of an SEO expert, they are not identical. An SEO copywriter often produces original content to support the specialist’s plan. In contrast, an SEO specialist focuses on assessing, reviewing, and implementing changes to existing content to improve a site’s standing. An SEO copywriter must balance writing for readers and search engines to engage and persuade them.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers design and manage marketing initiatives, company information, and brand promotions for their organisation across various social media platforms. Use a digital marketing campaign checklist to ensure your content is on track.

Along with using free or paid tools and responding to queries and comments under the tone and policies of the firm, they are also aware of the best social media metrics to concentrate on. Social media managers continually experiment to push fresh concepts and formats while monitoring how those concepts work.

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Marketing Manager

A marketing manager oversees the marketing initiatives for a company, service, or commodity. The project market demand and direct a marketing team in developing and executing innovative and creative customer interest-engaging strategies across various media platforms.

SEO Manager

To identify visitors who will require a specific service, SEO Managers consider all parts of a search and offer the necessary tactics. SEO helps to turn a visitor into a customer. The SEO Manager assists in focusing the appropriate content on drawing the right audience to a website out of the billions of web pages that are currently accessible.

SEO Account Manager

The SEO Account Manager manages the cross-channel and SEO strategies for their accounts. They are accountable for each account they manage, including the account team’s performance, strategy, expansion, and alignment. 

The job of an account manager is to establish and maintain a solid customer relationship while achieving the objectives and deadlines of the original strategy and spotting new business prospects.

In need of candidates for positions that are not on the list? Pearl Lemon Recruitment can always come up with hiring solutions- reach us today, and let’s discuss.

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Get The Best In The Industry

Hiring the right SEO people can significantly depend on improving rankings on search results and gaining organic traffic.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment eases your worries about hiring a sloppy one because we have prior experience in the SEO industry. We know the exact qualities to find in a potential employee.

Reach us today, and start building the best SEO team.


Pearl Lemon Recruitment uses a diverse methodology to attract candidates. Like writing appropriate job descriptions, placing the job in the right places, etc. We also have a mature network that has been developed for years, which means that we have a strong, significant personal network that is very valuable to our clients.

This doesn’t have a specific answer. Our fees depend on many aspects.

Here in the UK, employers are responsible for paying all recruiting costs. These costs are typically based on the position you are offering and the type of employment it will be, such as temporary or permanent.

If you want to get a specific quote, give us a call.

Pearl Lemon Recruitment is acutely aware of the difficulties in hiring in the 21st century. We also run a marketing agency comprising a competent SEO team. Hiring the right SEO employee made us to our current position in the market and search engine results. You don’t need to worry about hiring the wrong person when you work with us. Book a call today.