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Since the recent recession and the rise of the gig economy, the way employees and employers view work has shifted dramatically. Companies are more comfortable hiring temporary workers to supplement their existing workforce, and employees are sometimes more willing to work on a contract or temporary basis.

However, hiring temporary event staff doesn’t mean you have to take whoever is available. You want to ensure that even for a short time, they should bring favourable effects on your event. After all, good staff can either make or break your event. 

Avoid breaking your event by reaching out to a temporary event staff agency. 

We at Pearl Lemon Recruitment know the industry well, so we understand and possess the skills required for an event or convention to run smoothly. With decades of experience organising the supply of convention staff, we have become quite adept at providing the right level of support to our clients at the lowest possible cost, often on very short notice.

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What Is A Temporary Event Staff Agency?

Great events necessitate great staff. 

However, there are times when you need more people to complete a job but know you won’t need them in a few months or even weeks, and it’s a difficult situation to be in from a hiring standpoint. As a result, the Temp Agency was born. 

A temp event agency, also known as a temporary event staff agency, is a company that connects businesses with temporary or contract workers. A temp agency charges businesses for the employees it finds to fill roles, and the employees work for the temp agency. This arrangement allows workers to find short-term and low-commitment opportunities while avoiding hiring and firing a full-time employee to fill a temporary need.

The primary distinction between temp agencies and traditional HR departments is that agencies handle the temporary worker’s hiring, firing, and onboarding. This means that the contracting company, the temp agency’s client, has no involvement in the temporary worker’s pay or benefits. The client agrees with the temp agency on the number of temporary workers to be placed. The client then pays a percentage or an hourly rate for each worker supplied.

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Moreover, it is the temp agency’s responsibility to negotiate the workers’ schedules, pay, and all other essential employment details. If there is a problem with the client, the worker will report it to the temp agency. If a client is not satisfied with a temp’s performance, they must reach an agreement with the temp agency because they do not have the authority to terminate the worker directly.

All temps, whether full-time, part-time, or seasonal, work for the temp agency. The agency is in charge of providing these employees with benefits, tax status, and other perks.

Benefits Of Partnering With Pearl Lemon Recruitment For Temporary Event Staff

Even hosting one large event a year can add stress to your company, but working with a temporary hospitality staffing agency can help relieve some of that pressure. 

Whether your company hosts one or several events throughout the year, Pearl Lemon Recruitment, a hospitality-oriented temporary agency, can be a great way to ensure everything goes smoothly.

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When planning your next signature event for your company, using a temporary staffing agency like ours gives you more flexibility and time

Whether you’re planning an event a year in advance or a last-minute brand experience event next week, using temporary workers gives you the freedom to achieve your objectives. 

Temporary employees can be hired for various events, including pop-ups, as brand ambassadors, and during the holiday season. 

You can choose how many temporary employees you need and how much you are willing to spend on an event, and in exchange, you will receive expert hospitality workers.

Place The Right Temp Workers

Juggling deadlines while recruiting someone can cause you to unintentionally cut corners and overlook details that indicate a candidate is unsuitable. Having industry experts recruit for you lowers your risk of hiring an unsuitable candidate.

Before going out to find the right candidate for you, our experts here at Pearl Lemon Recruitment take the time to understand your company and its needs. As partners in the industries we specialise in, we intend to invest in their improvement and growth. As a result, finding the best candidates for our clients is our top priority. 

To find the best talent, we use a combination of industry knowledge and testing tools. You can be confident that the candidates you receive from us have the necessary industry experience and the best cultural and behavioural fit for your organisation.

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Impress Your Guests

The audience experience is an essential component of any successful event. How your audience reacts can make or break your efforts to impress them. That is why it is critical to hire an experienced event staffing agency to assist you in providing a positive guest experience.

Event staff are experts at creating and managing memorable experiences that leave your guests with a lasting impression. Everything from trade shows to corporate parties and customer appreciation days can be planned and executed with their assistance. Because our experts here at Pearl Lemon Recruitment are professionals, you can be confident that your event will run smoothly and that your guests will be treated with the utmost care and attention.


One employer concern is that temporary employees are not as engaged or committed as permanent employees; however, this is not always the case.

The rise of the Gig Economy demonstrates workers’ desire for greater flexibility to achieve the ‘holy grail’ of an outstanding work/life balance. Because they have dedicated their time to the current job assignment, these employees are typically more engaged.

Working with Pearl Lemon Recruitment to hire temporary employees can also help energise and re-engage your permanent employees by bringing a fresh set of eyes to your team. They can help alleviate the burden of heavy workloads, allowing your permanent staff to focus on their core duties and responsibilities, resulting in increased productivity.

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Your Event's Success With Us

From the beginning to the finish, our expert team here at Pearl Lemon Recruitment will go above and beyond to ensure the success of your event. We collaborate closely with our recruiting partners to source the best talent in the industry, ensuring that you receive exceptional service regardless of the nature of your function. We specialise in matching businesses with the best candidates for their specific needs. 

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A temp job is precisely that temporary and is usually for a set time at the time of hire. Typically, it takes three, six, nine, or twelve months, but this can vary greatly depending on the organisation’s needs. If someone performs well in a temporary position, they may be hired full-time. 

Pearl Lemon Recruitment can supply you with almost every event staff you need. From waiting staff and catering staff to promotional staff.

Employers who use a temp agency typically pay 12-50% of the employee’s hourly rate.